I’m not a fan of most bumper stickers,

but the first one I stuck on my hand-me-down, windows-didn’t-roll-up-anymore, radio-turned-on-and-off-when-you-hit-a-bump Toyota was “Don’t Postpone Joy.” (I get the irony, Jaguar owners.)

As someone who wasn’t done with school until most people had two kids, three dogs and a house that was two upgrades above their starter home (though hopefully still with their starter spouse), I try to steep each day in things that bring me joy. 

These are a few of my favorite things (it’s just never wrong to quote Julie Andrews, in my opinion). 

  • Reading books that make my soul sing 
  • Writing a novel that will (hopefully) recruit other members of the soul choir
  • Having a front row seat for everyday/every night miracles, when I deliver babies
  • Traveling to heart and mind-expanding places on our planet (though I’m never making it to Mars - sorry, Matt Damon) 
  • Basking in gorgeous photos and 
  • Remembering to laugh with my twins, because we made it through another day. 


I still work long hours at the hospital and have tough days as a single parent, but now might as well be the good part of this life gig. 

Thank you for visiting. I hope the time you spend here brings you joy too.